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The production of each Fields & Ferns garment is a very special process; the founders try to weave sustainability into every step of the design process, from the selection of material to the production of the clothes.


Customers can be sure that they are getting a one of a kind item that is good to the environment every time a purchase is made from Fields & Ferns. 


Both women aim to make thoughtfully designed clothing that encourages other women to express themselves;


that’s why they make beautiful and sustainably designed clothes that rethink old cliches about how women are supposed to dress and be.

They hope that it will not only inspire women to dress more boldly but live more boldly as well.


Fields & Ferns was started by two friends who met while studying at the London College of Fashion.


The brand’s name is inspired by the two women's homelands and pays tribute to the Western and Eastern influences of the brand.

One of us comes from a rural area of the United States, largely populated by fields where delicate wildflowers grow. The other, comes from Indonesia on the opposite side of the world, a place that's tropical climate produces some of the world’s most luscious flora and ferns.


As a result, Fields & Ferns’ whimsical and feminine aesthetic is largely guided by nature’s colour and shapes, in addition to their love of embroidery and beading. 


Like the wildflowers and ferns, Fields & Ferns hopes its customers enjoy following and growing along with them.

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