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These tassel earrings are anything but ordinary. Made with upcycled threads, Bio-resin, flowers foraged from the British countryside, brass (18K gold plated, nickel free), and glass beads. Perfect for anyone who believes flowers, beads, and tassels go better together. 


We use Super Sap Bio Resin. Super Sap is a range of high-performance user-friendly epoxy resins with a reduced carbon footprint and reduced power and water consumption, helping to reduce the environmental impact of our resins. SuperSap reduces greenhouse gas emissions and harmful byproducts by replacing some of the petroleum-based components with bio-based renewable materials (like sunflower and soy) and waste byproducts of other bio-refining processes.


Size: 10 cm x 3 cm (length x width)

Weight: 9 grams


Note: Although the shape of the earring will remain the same, the colour and flowers used in the earrings will be different depending on our stock of flowers.


Care instructions: You can clean these earrings with a cotton ball or a very soft cloth dipped into warm water to remove any dust and dirt. Before putting them back on, make sure they are fully dried. 

Bleeding Heart Tassel Earrings

Flower Colours