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As a tribute to the past year and a half of isolation, we have named our third collection, HOMEBODY. In some way, shape or form we have all been kept far away from loved ones and have had to search for connection and comfort in ways we never had to before. Many of us found comfort in our homes. They became our sanctuary; where we worked, where we ate all of our meals, where we exercised, where we slept and where we tried new hobbies to distract ourselves from what was happening outside our homes. HOMEBODY’s buttery-soft 100 % organic cotton T-shirts are printed and embroidered and just too beautiful to only be worn as loungewear. Its jewellery collection is made with upcycled vintage pearls and glass beads, handmade by us in isolation. We created this collection so that you can continue to dress comfortably and add in a touch of glamour- as you begin to emerge into this new and strange world.

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