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Fields & Ferns is guided by nature. We design whimsical and feminine clothing, interwoven with sustainable materials so that you can honour nature with every purchase.


No fashion brand can be 100% sustainable. That being said, we try to do everything we can to ensure that our fabric, manufacturing, packaging and garments are sourced in the most sustainable, circular, and responsible way possible. Every aspect of Fields & Ferns aims to follow ethical and sustainable standards. As the brand grows, we commit to implementing even more sustainable practices into our business. 


Sourcing materials

Fields & Ferns’ Wildflower Collection is made from upcycled deadstock materials from local London factories or fashion businesses that would otherwise be thrown away. By using deadstock fabric, Fields & Ferns not only diverts waste from landfill but also saves precious energy that would otherwise be used to create new materials. At this moment in time whenever Fields & Ferns cannot use deadstock fabric, it uses natural fibres to not add microplastics into the environment. Fields & Ferns' Homebody t-shirt collection is made from 100% organic cotton and is Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) accredited. Fields & Ferns’ jewellery currently uses upcycled vintage pearls, glass beads, silver wire, bio resins, and stainless steel.



Except for our t-shirts all of Fields & Ferns’ clothing is made with love in its tiny East London Hackney studio. Every item is carefully hand-sewn, hand-embroidered and hand-beaded by us (Alisha and Ancilla).

Small Batch


Fields & Ferns makes limited handmade quantities and uses a made-to-order system in an attempt to not add to the abundance of waste that plagues the fashion industry.




Fields & Ferns is committed to limiting its negative impact on the environment and that’s why everything from its packaging, to its inserts, to its tissue paper, is made from 100% post-consumer recycled content or compostable materials. 

Upcycling Program

Upcycling Program

Fields & Ferns seeks to not only repair but reuse it’s garments once its customers are done wearing their clothes. It wants its customers to continue to use their garments for as long as they find enjoyment out of them. Through Fields & Ferns’ repair program, customers can return their clothing to fix any wear and tears that have come from using their clothes. Fields & Ferns also offers a reuse program to customers who no longer want to wear their Fields & Ferns garment. Customers can return their Fields & Ferns garments - shipping costs paid for - for a 10% off discount towards their next Fields & Ferns purchase. The returned clothes will either be upcycled into new collections, given to employees for free, or donated to organisations. Please email to enquire about returning your garment.

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