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These are non-medical grade reusable face masks. However, they are able to prevent doplets from the mouth and nose to enter and exit to a certain degree.


Each mask has adjustable elastic straps made to fit you comfortably (set-up and care instructions will be provided with your purchase). They are made from 2 layers of deadstock fabric with an interfacing lining to give structure and comfort of wear.


There are only a limited amount of these masks because of the limited quantity of deadstock fabric. Using deadstock fabric means that when you buy a Fields & Ferns face mask you are not only protecting others from getting sick but are also helping the environment by making use of fabric that would otherwise be thrown away. 


Fields & Ferns Face Mask | No. 1

SKU: 7
  • These masks are best hand-wash because of the delicate embroidery and beading detailed on them. 

    However, if you must put them into a washing machine make sure they are washed at 60 degree celcius.

    Afterwards, do iron them as hot as possible to make sure they are completely sterilised. 

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